House PR celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day

House PR celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day

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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, the official day to do something good for somebody else, and the housemates at House PR are reminiscing over the nicest things someone has done for them during their time in the industry:

Caroline, 27, prefers to be called Carol: “My first boss taking me on… despite the fact I turned up to the interview with a full to the brim orange Sainsbury’s carrier bag. It was the edgier alternative to a briefcase.”

Char, baked beans protestor: “When I was working for a charity we had a car company involved in the project who leant us a few cars for the day. I managed to crash the car FOUR times but they still didn’t charge it back and let it slide!”

Tim, former hand model and quiz master: “A News Reporter at the Telegraph didn’t hang up on me once and let me finish my whole pitch… which was really kind and practically unheard of.”

Jess, close friend of Diego Costa: “My boss Ginny Paton taking the time out of her crazy schedule just to tell me I was doing a good job!”

Camilla, pork pie blogger: “There’s a box of fruit salad sweets kept in the kitchen that I occasionally steal from. After a long day at work I went to commit my usual robbery and share some with Jess, only to find when I got back to my desk, that she had already got some for me. It was literally so sweet.”

Fru, work experience extraordinaire: “During my first work experience I was really ill whilst speaking to a journalist, which I suspected she could tell as my nose was blocked. The next day she got back to me saying: “I hope you’re feeling better today!”

Siobhan, rider of all things bike and horse: “After taking a journalist on a press trip to Spain, I was referred to in their article as the ‘chirpy British host’”

Studies have proven that doing something selfless raises dopamine levels, boosting your mood and creating positive, upbeat feelings. So all the more reason to do something nice for someone today!

House PR has been working Keep Britain Tidy who is encouraging Brits to do something good for their neighbours by picking up a piece of litter. If just 1% of the British population pick up an item of litter today, there will be 641,000 less pieces of rubbish on the street by tomorrow – an act of kindness by any measure.

Those who really want to step up and take a stand against litter can sign up to The Great British Spring Clean, taking place 3rd – 5th March 2017. If 500,000 people help pick litter for just two hours each, Britain will benefit from one million hours of clean-up care.

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