OpenTable & Giles Coren reveal the funniest restaurant complaints

OpenTable & Giles Coren reveal the funniest restaurant complaints

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Brits are often perceived as a nation of complainers – from the weather, to public transport, nothing is off limits. We at House PR are definitely guilty of this from time to time!

As 6 in 10 Brits admit they have made a complaint in a restaurant, OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant booking platform, has scoured the country and collated some of the funniest complaints overheard in UK restaurants. From lettuce that’s too green, to outraged customers being denied their medium-rare chicken requests, is it time for us to take a step back and think twice before moaning?

“I wanted my chicken medium rare…”
  The UK’s funniest restaurant complaints

  1. I sent the fish back because it was “staring” at me
  2. My lettuce was too green
  3. The carrots weren’t sliced evenly
  4. I sent the chicken back as I’d asked for it medium rare
  5. My gazpacho was cold
  6. The colour of the plate clashed with the salad. It’s not Instagram worthy enough
  7. My tapas dish was disappointing as it was too small  
  8. My Ice is too cold
  9. The champagne is too fizzy
  10. My chips taste like potatoes

 It’s no wonder that the latest OpenTable research reveals almost half of us (48%) admit to feeling awkward when members of our dining party complain at restaurants when the complaints are as ridiculous as these!

You can check out some of the UK’s most entertaining complaints with OpenTable and Giles Coren here: