Order like an Italian! ASK Italian & House PR introduces the world’s first ‘hand gesture’ menu

Order like an Italian! ASK Italian & House PR introduces the world’s first ‘hand gesture’ menu

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ASK Italian and House PR have launched the world’s first ‘hand gesture’ menu. House PR found research revealing that Italians use up to 250 hand gestures a day, relying on their hands to communicate everything from hunger to joy.

ASK Italian thought this would be the perfect way to bring the spirit of Italy to the British high street, by encouraging customers to use their limited edition ‘Eat like an Italian’ menu to order one of five dishes from their new spring menu, using hand gestures specific to each dish. The limited edition menu is currently available in ASK Italian restaurants nationwide and features the delicious new Alto pizza range, made with a thick airy base, chocolate gnocchi – a delightfully sweet take on an Italian classic – and a melting Eton mess tower.

Housemates were lucky enough to sample every one of these dishes when they hosted a dinner to celebrate the launch of the new menu. Attendees included Chelsea’s finest, Hugo Taylor, Rosie Fortescue and Georgia Toffolo, as well as food, lifestyle and showbiz journalists. Georgia was particularly skilled at the gesture for the Melting Eton Mess Tower but, like most of the journalists, couldn’t resist the gnocchi in the end!

The teams at ASK Italian and House PR had a great time working with Italian experts from the Vivere L’Italiano language school to combine authentic Italian hand gestures for words such as ‘spicy’, and ‘excellent’, with brand new gestures for words like ‘burrata’ and ‘gnocchi’. These gestures, created using the Italian experts insight, are now listed on the limited edition menus as well as on the ASK Italian website and in a series of videos on their social media channels.

Stefania Ruggieri, Italian language expert and course co-ordinator at Vivere L’Italiano language school who helped craft the special hand gestures says, ‘Hand gestures are an integral part of the Italian language, involved in everything from arguing to declarations of love, and are as much a part of the Italian experience as breathing or eating. We’re happy to help ASK Italian bring a taste of this Italian experience to British diners’

Corinne Prior, Marketing Director at ASK Italian says, ‘We are really excited to launch our ‘hand gesture’ menu in all our restaurants nationwide as we want to spread the spirit of eating like Italians, who are known for using mealtimes as an opportunity to connect with others and to enjoy spending time together 👌.’

For offer terms and conditions or to explore their new spring menu and book a table, please visit www.askitalian.co.uk