What your tea says about you – Housemate edition

What your tea says about you – Housemate edition

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Tea is a pretty big deal at House PR, there’s politics on who will make tea for who, which Housemate makes the best cuppa and what sort of tea is ultimately the best. However, one thing we can all agree on is that we couldn’t live without the stuff. So, in celebration of National Tea Day, we thought we’d see what each Housemate’s tea of choice says about them.

Tim – Builders, colour of mahogany

Typically northern, Tim’s tea choice shows he’s a no fuss kind of guy. However, his tea colour perhaps implies there is a darker side to him than meets the eye.

Rose – English Breakfast Tea with almond milk

Having recently returned from travels and finding her true vegan self, Rose now only takes almond milk. Rose’s choice of tea suggests she is environmentally conscious, and open minded. However, her choice of English breakfast tea shows despite her travels, her roots are still firmly placed in the UK.

Siobhan – a black Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a solidly middle class tea. It could suggest that Siobhan would expect her tea to be served in the finest china and, should it not be to her liking, hurling it at a wall is a perfectly reasonable response.

Jess – Green Tea

It’s been said that people who drink green tea are searching for a sense of calm and control. Additionally, Jess’ choice of tea demonstrates motivation and empowerment as green tea is said to make you feel like anything is possible. Jess is ready to conquer the world!

Camilla – English Breakfast Tea, dash of milk and the occasional sugar

Camilla’s choice of tea suggests she may be indecisive due to her inconsistency with sugar. However, this shows she is spontaneous and not afraid to treat herself once and a while.

Caroline – Pear & Caramel

Sophisticated, sweet and unique. Caroline’s choice of tea is giving off serious royal vibes and suggests she may be distantly related to the aristocracy.

Ginny – Builders or Citrus Herbal Tea

The two choices of tea show the two sides to Ginny. Builders demonstrates her northern roots and suggests loyalty and stability. However, her citrus tea suggests she has a sweet and vibrant side to her.

Kate – Posh Builders, colour to match her tan

Kate’s choice in the colour of her tea demonstrates that she is really self-aware and connected to herself on a spiritual level. Matching her tea colour to her skin shade suggests she is confident and extremely proud of that tan she got in Bali.